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How is the club run?

”Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

The club could not function without the many people who give up their time to ensure we all get a game of football at the weekend. From the team managers who run our 11 sides to the members of the Executive Committee who deal with the ever increasing administration required to run a club of over 200 members. Thank you to all of them. 

Our Structure

Every year at the Annual General Meeting all members are invited to attend. At the AGM and Executive Committee is elected with the responsibility of ensuring everything is in place to enable the club to play football. The Exec members also act have a responsibility for the stewardship of the club and safeguarding it's future.

The Exec has 3 sub-committees responsible for Men's football, Women's football and Administration. The football sub-committees oversee a range of issues including team selection, training and recruitment. the Admin sub-committee covers Finance, registration, league and cup entries etc. There are a number of additional volunteers who sit on these sub-committees.

Meet The Exec

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